Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Surprise...NYC


Marianne and I about 6 months ago decided it would be fun to surprise Cami and Whitney for their 16th Birthday. FINALLY the day came that it was time to kidnap them...We told them that we were going shopping for UEA weekend. We got them up early ready to shop and pulled over on the side of the road to pretend that we needed directions. We then gave them each a present to open up. The video explains it all!!!! This was the best kept secret for 6 months........

To add one more surprise to the girls, Julee and Shalyse met us in the SLC airport and went with us for fun! They jumped out in front of us at the gate and Cami and Whitney screamed. I have to say that Julee and Shalyse definately livened up our trip. They have such funny personalities that they kept us laughing! The only thing missing was my mom (which was supposed to come with us) and Leslee (my other sister-in-law). It would of been even better with them:(

We had the best time in NYC. We went to wicked on Saturday night. Cami and I had already seen it, but it was fun to see everyone else's expressions during the show...

I think my favorite part of New York was China town. We bought so much stuff. ie-fake Gucci, Prada, Dulce and Gabanna, coach, Louis Vuitton and Channel stuff. We also bought the cutest pair of Juicy Couture sweats, purses, and jewelry. I think that Cami and Whitney were in hog heaven being able to afford all of that awesome stuff. We also loaded up on hats and Jewelry, which by the way look super real! They show you all of the Tiffany and Co. stuff in their catalogs and then pull out their exact replica that truly looks identical. Here is a picture of me with all of my loot! (Thanks to Shalyse, she was showing us how to find identical things like Chanel Sunglasses....)

We decided to take the girls to Planet Hollywood for dinner one of the nights and they sang Happy Birthday and put them on the jumbo tron. We later walked to the Empire State Building and Cami and Whitney rode to the top. One of the highlights of the trip was seeing the Temple and watching Larry King and his wife walk in to go to church. (They also hold church services there).

Another fun thing that we did was walk over to Rockefeller Center where they always put up the famous Christmas Tree. We saw all of the ice-skaters on the plaza and went over to where the TODAY show is filmed. Shalyse and Whitney were pounding on the window to the crew that were setting up for the next mornings show. They begged if we could come in. Sure enough they let all of us in. I sat in Matt Lauers chair and also pretended to work the Camera. We thought we were the coolest. I posed with some famous designers blazers that were going to be talked about on the next days show.....(see below)

We loved taking the Subway. I know that sounds wierd, but nothing ever took very long to get too. We took it over to the 911 Disaster, where the World Trade Centers were. They still have it all roped off and there is still rubble that they are picking up. It was a humbling experience and their was a certain peace you felt there. We then walked over to Battery Park so we could see the Statue of Liberty.

We did alot of walking everywhere. We took the girls over to Central Park and walked around trying to find any celebrities. We didn't see any, but had a good time. We took lots of pictures of us on the bridge...

Our hotel was the Crowne Plaza Times Square. It was right next to the Hersheys store. We had a great old time pretending to drink straight chocolate syrup! Look at Shalyse...always an actress..

I told Bill that for our 20th anniversary in July I want to go back! Everyone start saving your money and go with us!!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My First Trip with Mom to her Radiation...

I told my Dad that I would like to help take mom to Radiation sometimes, as she needs to go 5 days a week for 7 weeks. On Monday, Dad picked me up and decided to still go, because he wanted to show me the way there. Well, this was an interesting experience to say the least. Everyone at the Huntsman Cancer Center is so nice. They call you by your first name and their goal there is to know everyone. One Nurse practitioner (a man) always calls mom happy and beautiful, because mom is always smiling and acts like this is nothing that she is going through. I thought that everyone would be interested in seeing what she has to do on a daily basis....When you arrive you check in and you have to wait. Sometimes they wait for a long time and other times, they take you right in. I brought Abbi with me, so she can get to know her grandma. We loaded her up with snacks, crayons, and movies on the laptop...

Before mom actually started her Radiation, they molded this mask on her face to cover the rest of her head for the Radiation. This is an interesting process. So...everyday when she comes, they place this waffle type mask on her face, which is kind of tight. The machine spins around her head with these red laser type lights pointing directly to the tumor. Her body spins around too. I asked the nurse if people get cholosterphobia and he said all of the time, but mom said that she doesn't, which is good! This process made me truly realize how serious this is and it made me appreciate all of the other people that I know who have had to go through this. Mom makes it look like a piece of cake, however, there were terribly sick people coming in and out and your heart truly felt sad. My Dad is a trooper and wants to be by my mom's side at every waking second. I can't believe how strong they both are! We love you mom and Dad....I will look forward to this process every monday and look forward to the opportunity to finally take care of her after all of the years that she took care of me!

This is us leaving after her treatment, she's still smiling...

Abbi was so good that I bribed her with a stuffed animal from the gift shop.